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“GREAT ideas will come from the SMART people”
Historically, several financial institutions and / or training institutions are providing either loan support or training support separately without combining the two supports. As a result, the trained motivated entrepreneur when actually planning for a new venture difficult to find funding opportunities. Similarly, when a person could able to get funding or loan support, lack of technical, professional and marketing support preventing the new entrepreneurs to run small businesses on a sustainable way. Ultimately, the prime objectives of the training organization, financial institution and the desire of the new entrepreneur failed due to combined support services are not made available to the entrepreneurs coming forward to start the business.

To overcome these problems, Gramalaya NGO promoted GREAT after a gap analysis done in the operational areas. GREAT will support new entrepreneurs not only by providing training and expertise for starting small businesses but also help the entrepreneurs to get loan support from likeminded organizations such as from banks, financial intermediaries and micro-finance institutions. In addition to this, GREAT will support the entrepreneurs to market their products and services by linking with Government, local, national and international trade organizations. Further GREAT affirm that by supporting the entrepreneurs among the local communities will create widespread impact on the local economy.

Why GREAT Emerged?